Please join us for a fun and inspirational evening to support young women overcoming adversities.

What is our cause?

Helping young women in our community who are overcoming hardships obtain an education and transition into the professional world.

How does the scholarship program work?

The funds we raise are donated to each recipients college or trade school and go toward their education. We provide money each year they are in school until they obtain their bachelor degree or trade school certificate.

We provide mentoring through one on one visits, workshops every two months, an annual retreat, and cultivate a community where these young women can support each other, forging forward in life in a positive way.

After graduating, these young women go into the second phase of our program where they work with life and business coaches to prepare for their new professional careers.

Why are we passionate about our cause?

We want to give back and rally around these amazing young leaders, supporting them through trials that many of us have faced. This is our chance to give encouragement just as many of us were encouraged by others in our younger years. 

How can you get involved?

We appreciate any support you can offer, we cannot do this without you! 

There are many ways to support. Click on  'registration and fund a need' to purchase a ticket to our Gala, consider donating a live or silent auction, and/or being a sponsor. You can also sign up for monthly donations or make a one time donation. All donations in any amount are appreciated and add up to make a big difference for these young women!

Thank you for your support, we truly appreciate you!

NOW Networking Spring Gala 2024
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